Hand Spray Gun Models

APPLICATION: Spraying of release agent in the die-casting, foundry and forging industries.
Pressing the trigger you will have: at the first stage a large air-blast; at the second stage air mixed with an adjustable quantity of liquid.
The delivery of release agent is regulated by a proportioning screw, which is placed the gun body or on the head, according to the models.
The “TS” and “TR” models are high volume, for the die-casting. They allow a full, uniform spray with an excellent atomization of the release agent, thanks to the special head.
4 - 10 bars.
It is not necessary to put the liquid under pressure; it is aspirated withdrawing it from bottom of a container.
UNDER PRESSURE LIQUID: In order to increase the quantity of atomized release liquid and decrease the noisiness in dB, we suggest to feed through a gravity container, or a tank under pressure, or a pump (max 8 bar). Silenced versione “P” on request these work with pressurized liquid (min 2 max 8 bar).

Mod. 080 TS - Mod. 081 TS : Simple head; adjusting shut-off on the body.

Mod 080 TR - Mod. 081 TR: Adjustable Head; adjusting shut-off on the head.

Mod 080 America pipe - Mod. 081 America pipe

Mod 080 "P" - Mod. 081 "P": Version with silenced head; it works with pressurized liquid, min 2 max 8 Bar