Balossi s.r.l. it was established in the new headquarters of Lonato (Brescia) in 1997 but works in the field of die casting since 1967.

After representing various foreign company of considerable importance in the field for many years, it specialized in design and production of lubrication systems for die-casting machines, based on customer request.

This changeover has been achieved by utilising the latest technology. 


Our customer are mainly manufacturers of die-casting machines, automobile parts, lubrication system and die casters. 

Our products include:

  • Foundry equipment
  • Spray equipment
  • Plunger lubrication systems
  • Hand spray guns
  • Automatic spray nozzles for robotics
  • Pellets dispenser (for plunger lubrication systems)
  • Automatic spray nozzles (for die-casting, etc.)
  • Manifold spray nozzles 



Our History

  • Antonio Balossi, the founder (in the centre) testing a head spray gun
  • Erliest 90's: Giovanni Balossi : the first machine tools
  • 90's: office room
  • 1999: Giovanni, Lorenzo and Abramo Balossi. Dusseldorf exhibition
  • 2002: Brescia exhibition
  • 2002: Brescia exhibition
  • METEF Exhibition 2008
  • METEF Exhibition 2012
  • METEF Exhibition 2014